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HIS-STORY I mean History

In meditation, we come to many moments of enlightenment. Things you never saw before become so apparent. One of my latest realizations is everyday we make history. Along with Trump and Covid, we’re apart of what will be told 30–40 years from now. For me this idea makes me live more in the present and go even harder toward my goals. Why? This reminds me that every moment we live is monumental depending on how you view it. The life you lead is up to you to decide regardless of circumstances whether you live to love it or not!

All throughout school I always said to myself I wanted to be in the history books. I wanted to be a pillar of excellence in my community. As a child and a young man, I always assumed public recognition gives you a spot in history. Whether good or bad I believed you could never do it, if you didn’t leave the hood or self-sacrifice. Many people thought I just wanted to be famous because that's what they’re after. For me, it was a much deeper spiritual/cultural thing. As a child of abuse and foster care, I wanted to help save the children.

Slash, Billy Idol, and Ozzy were a few of my idols as a kid, they threw private performances/donations for us homeless youth, and that changed my life forever. From those moments on it solidified my passion with their handshakes of power! I learned something that many others didn’t early on. When it comes to the world and your passions “you dictate your level of involvement”. Meaning it's up to you to go the distance and make the history you want to read about! I began to let go of my idea of reaching a destination first to make history. Rather I started to see every fleeting minute as the history it is. It’s gone forever and never coming back. What was just a day for you is but a page in the story of the 21 century so far during covid!

It doesn't take being famous or world-renowned to make history when we live our own history together every moment. Becoming aware of this for me is so liberating because it allows me to look at everything I do as special. Because like an old man's stories, it'll be rich with history as I live to tell it! The history we read about is a template to what is possible for you to achieve but it is obsolete as we are all rewriting and living it now. Let’s keep making good history and flush out the old stuff, let us not forget where we came from as history teaches us lessons and uncovers many hidden truths relevant today.

Don’t be afraid to live, love, and write your history however you like! I believe in You!

A seeker of truth and kinship. Artist , Entrepreneur, Sous Chef, Healer, Empath, Philosopher, Explorer

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