The many mothers for a motherless child

The first Mother was the Queen of Air. Gone at birth without a face, story, or name. I give thanks to her for the gift of my physical existence and universal love. For she ushered and carried me through to the realm of life and death. Through the infinite changes of the sun, moon, and stars a story is written. Entangled essences of what it takes to catch life and birth it. Her story became mine, where was she going and where’d she come from? Unknowns lead to greater unknowns yet the source is always there. An invisible stranger but a friend who guides from beyond, I searched for her in return for myself. Fear, loneliness, and abandonment, but a few of her thought waves I conceived. Only to be saved as Moses was, cast down the river governed by the winds to meet, a queen who seeks to heal. To wonder as he grows, who am I is his quest. He loves the subtle origin of the great mother!

The Second Mother is the Queen of Earth. To this Mother, I have been bestowed the beauty of foundation and strength. It was through her I learn what a mother looks and acts like. She picked me up from a center for abandoned children and held me. She taught me about family and compassion, how to work together to build a home as a team. She was the first person who could calm my tantrums with touch and words. She always knew we wouldn’t be together forever so she taught me how to express myself in code and others forms like drawing. When the time came for us to separate it was then I learn about how emotions could kill a person. Like Padme in Star Wars. When we were taken apart I witnessed a mother die inside and she had a stroke. A stroke that would forever change her life, it took away her ability to speak and walk. She hid in me the last bit of her love and voice of truth! She fought for me against the system who saute to put me on meds I didn’t need. She gave me strength and the courage to fight the very darkness that was yet to come!

The third Mother was the Queen of Water. To this Queen, I give thanks for she blessed me with unconditional love and empathy. She taught me about brotherhood and never leaving each other behind. Although we may grow apart in space, our bonds never wither. She taught me about being my truest self despite others and most of all loving despite color, gender, or religious background. She always had a way with people, everyone loved her where ever she went! She showed me to be this way through services to others and giving back to your community. In return, she lived in abundance and guided me toward following in her footsteps. She taught me to listen from the heart when people speak and how to be present and there for them unconditionally. This mother loved and took care of me and all other children as she did her own with all the love in her heart. She was a missionary and believed in helping the world and those she loved to the best of her ability! As time eventually claimed her our bond and connection have been forever written in stone!

The fourth Mother is The Queen of Fire. To this Mother, I am grateful for the gifts of my knowledge, perception, and leadership. She taught me about how to “Be a Leader not a follower”, she showed me how reading was important and how to write. I very strong Intellectual she taught me how to cook, paint, garden, all the household things it takes to build and maintain a home. How not to read pictures but books that had none. She brought structure in a fashion of fiery passion and devotion. Although we didn’t see eye to eye on most levels. One thing was for certain, she knew I paid attention when learning and was eager to excel. Now our relationship is the best it's ever been and she can’t seem to stop saying how surprised and proud she is of me and who I’m becoming.

At 16 I ran away from my adopted home. Survived abuse, trauma, homelessness all before 21. I kept myself enrolled in school and was more like the Ferris of my High School. That one guy some thought the worst of but was secretly rooting for. The same guy who’s routing for you, pain, and trauma of what has been or happened are real. But learning to Love with forgiveness, grace, and unconditional love everything will work itself out! Let go of the old, so you may see the REAL YOU! I believe in You

A seeker of truth and kinship. Artist , Entrepreneur, Sous Chef, Healer, Empath, Philosopher, Explorer

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