The American Dream Started in Europe

Why are we living another man's dreams?

His-story I mean History

“European nations came to the Americas to increase their wealth and broaden their influence over world affairs. By 1650, however, England had established a dominant presence on the Atlantic coast. The first colony was founded at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607. Many of the people who settled in the New World came to escape religious persecution. By the early 1700s enslaved Africans made up a growing percentage of the colonial population. By 1770, more than 2 million people lived and worked in Great Britain’s 13 North American colonies”.- Americas

The Problem

From the food we eat to the festivities, many partake in are another man's lifestyle. The American dream most of us reside in, is nothing but the illustration of someone else's dream. The very same people who wanted to live as they like, independent from the rest of the world are the same folks who founded this country. If there is anything we should learn from history, it is how one man can have a dream that effects the world forever. How big is the world? Honestly when you think about it. The reason I feel this exists is a direct result of generational conditioning. Throughout history, most of us have been taught to seek lifestyles unnatural to ourselves. In pursuit of these things, many have lost their true identity. The one thing most like Afro Americans may never have is Universal Acceptance like their counterparts do.

Yes, many are oppressed but when it comes down to Root Races most can be considered legally Anglo. This gives many a huge advantage over those who throughout history have been deemed lesser than. I‘ve always wondered at a younger age why other racial ethnicities owned more property and businesses than Afro Americans. Due to this huge margin between regions and skin color, many never had a chance. No tribe, no communities many were forced to transform into a new form of Black to fit the script.

Uncle Tom

Un·cle Tom/ˌəNGkəl ˈtäm/noun — OFFENSIVE•NORTH AMERICAN

1.disparaging: a black person who is overeager to win the approval of whites (as by obsequious behavior or uncritical acceptance of white values and goals)

2.disparaging: a person who is overly subservient to or cooperative with authority worst floor managers and supervisors by far are women … Some of them are regular Uncle Toms — Jane Fonda -Merriam Webster

3. a person regarded as betraying their cultural or social allegiance.- Oxford Languages

Uncle Toms Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, to this day, still holds a lot of weight in the Afro communities. If you're smart you're an Uncle Tom, if you seek higher education you're an Uncle Tom. The story of Uncle Tom was one played by a white cast on stage, he was the depiction of what a good Black Man was. In our communities, this became a number one phrase of self-hate towards each other. What does Uncle Tom have to do with this?

Well, so many of having murdered and fought for equality didn’t get that at all. Instead, they weren’t given loans, homes, and many other rights of their services owed. This forced many of us to do just as Uncle Sam taught us. Take it by force, if you can’t beat them join them and so many have. Hoping to get a taste of the good life, sadly to be meet everywhere with faces of distrust in a country founded with you in the back!


noun, plural sam·bos.Older Use: Now Disparaging and Offensive.

a term used to refer to a Black person, especially a male.

a term used to refer to a Latin American of Black and Native American ancestry, or a person of Black and white ancestry.-

Another one of our beloved names is Sambo. I heard it along with uncle Tom all my life. For one, I don’t know my racial origin, and growing up in Los Angeles I had many native and Latin friends. My own friends and family called me Sambo and said I had jungle fever. Being a kid I had no idea what it really meant, having a proper sounding voice made things worse. There was just about nothing I could do to avoid being referred to in these ways. It stifled my ambition and dreams for a long time, I just wanted to be accepted by Afros. Many saw me as I hated my own people when in reality they pushed me to hate myself. I could never fit in even in church all the kids followed the same structure of acting and dress. And if you weren't with it you were singled out and demonized.

The Takeaway

It wasn’t until I started to awaken to the fact that everyone I loved and grew up with, that was Afro were chasing another man's dreams, ideas, and ways of living. Including malice towards your own, instead of teamwork. Coming to see this for what it was, allowed me to step out of the constructs of what was formerly praised. Being myself on my own terms as my own person. The American Dream started in Europe and birthed a nation. So that means if your dream and drive are strong enough you can accomplish whatever you want anywhere!

Just don’t follow the crowd no matter what they say. Be Unique and be true to yourself and that'll get you further. Live your dream not another mans or your family. We don’t have to be what they try to make us. As new Natives, we have the right to freedom of thought, expression, and togetherness. “Race” is a construct of division, don’t place yourself in a category. We are universal beings meant to be as one! Let's disrupt the system at play by playing together. Make your dream or vision come true anywhere anytime there's plenty of room. I believe in You!

A seeker of truth and kinship. Artist , Entrepreneur, Sous Chef, Healer, Empath, Philosopher, Explorer

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