My Sacral Expression -Chakra-2

Persona Quarrel

From highlighter orange shoes to bright-colored jewelry, I love being colorful. In childhood, I expressed this immensely through various mediums. Fingerpainting, Mosaicing, sculpting I did it all. What I couldn’t do was express verbally how I felt, in my first 5years of life I didn’t speak. I was thought to have a speech problem but in reality, I didn’t care to talk to anyone except my little brother. I didn’t trust, only through non-verbal expression was I comfortable letting it out. Don’t bother asking me to explain it, I assumed everyone just felt how I did and just knew.

War at home and within

After the age of 8, I began slowly letting go of my visions of art, I began to shut down completely from the tension and stress of moving around frequently. If I didn’t talk or forcefully say I love you to my adopted parents I was demonized and my art was destroyed. My parents would say “You’re supposed to love us not that stuff” and if I didn’t I could go sleep outside with the dog. As a kid when you’re forced into saying yes to a judge because your little brother has it all, you opt into adoption by unhealed sad folk. I couldn’t wear my self-made jewelry nor any colors I actually like “Dark people don’t wear bright colors” they’d say.

Fueled for Healing

Through high school without parents and homeless shelters, I lived it up! I was the Ferris Beuller of my time and everyone cheered me on. Up to adulthood, you’d catch me at any drum circle or musical concert getting down. I don’t hit the canvas as much anymore but I am apart of an art collective of amazing people CREW NATIVE. We do our best and give back with free art for the kids where I always headline. Before I knew it my life has been like a giant summer vacation, where I fail to realize at times all my dreams have come true and blossoming. From the day I ran away with my Led Zeppelin shirt to 11 years later now, I can say it hasn’t been easy but very graceful.

A seeker of truth and kinship. Artist , Entrepreneur, Sous Chef, Healer, Empath, Philosopher, Explorer

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