It’s A Love-Hate thing!

That one relationship you’d just love to fix

Before George Floyd, before Donald Trump and his views on border patrol. There were many other slain and many others who speak the way 45 does. This isn’t a thread on politics but it is about an opinion I have, on a couple of our rights as citizens. Most Popular “Freedom of Speech” and “The Right to remain silent”. When it comes to freedom of speech the lines are blurred depending on how what, who, and where you’re presenting yourself. You can speak your truth but not as our great leaders do especially in regards to race. What I love about our president is that he has shown that we live in a society, that loves to indulge in media distribution of outdated thinkers. If you want to exercise your “Freedom of Speech” in an ignorant manner to the public without fear of officials retaliating. Make it as FUNNY, smart, doublespeak filled as possible and it’ll get stamped as not nice but never wrong! See it’s not what you say it’s how you say it, we live in an age where bigotry is okay if it’s funny and people like that. Keep them entertained in the game and blind during the crime.

When I was 18 years old I learned a lot about the so-called “Freedom of Speech”. I was a frequent goer of protests especially for the Native rights and borders in High School. I never realized that as a young punk Afro kid I was a target. The day was April 18, 2010, Saturday morning. I attended a protest via Downtown LA City Hall, against White Supremacist that was having a “Freedom of Speech” rally. Now I’ve been around many unkind folks and it seems they’ve always liked me, so I’ve never been one to quickly judge despite another’s views. As I approached the rally a friend of mine gave me some eggs and said “We’re going to pelt them”. Mind you he was not Afro as I am. As we reached the barricade where chaos has broken out, we were stopped by the police who told us it was “Freedom of Speech” and to step back. Right as I threw my egg I was tackled by an undercover peace officer. I was taken into custody as an adult being 18, although I was still in school. They put me in a dark armored plated truck and drove me around for about an hour, making random stops to open the doors and yell violent things at me. We finally reached what looked like a chop shop for police cruisers, by this point I had cried and was more terrified than I’d ever been in my life.

This is where I learned about “The Right to remain Silent”, all the tactics they use to get you to confess to false allegations. Through fear tactics, I broke my main right just as they’re trained to make you do. Remain Silent. And when they say “anything can and will be used against you”. Believe it’s their right and they will. They scare you or rough you up into speaking out towards them or admitting to something you didn’t do. There’s a science and countless videos for this for the disbelievers. Know the best thing to do is to stay silent at all times. I went from throwing an egg to vandalism and assault on 3 officers out of fear! I spent a weekend in jail and was blessed with an amazing lawyer from the state that got me off! Returned back to school that week with a renewed outlook and a crazy story, from which I made a lot of art that year. I’ve never been back since and never will! If you have to speak your truth let it be righteous and just. Speak it with integrity, empathy for others, and your “Freedom of Speech” should create healing not divide. And if you have to speak out when being harassed stay calm and say I LOVE YOU! It always works, if you’re pulled over driving while Afro. They just treat you like the boss you are because we pay taxes and they’re here for us and me for one do appreciate their service. Be easy! I believe in you!

A seeker of truth and kinship. Artist , Entrepreneur, Sous Chef, Healer, Empath, Philosopher, Explorer

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