Healing starts with You

Don’t be lead into a money pit of false healing


Today in America we are in more than a virus pandemic, we are currently in a spiritual and emotional epidemic. Many of us have experienced extensive childhood traumas and feel it’s hard to find others that genuinely understand. At this moment we are living in the age of false prophets and fake Gurus, the self-help industry is worth Billions of dollars. Billions made from the strategic use of taking advantage of the emotional disposition of the masses.

Countless numbers of us have been duped into lifestyles that promise big changes. Many of which simply state “Just get in the vortex” but this isn’t entirely all you need to do! This is the very thing that leads people back to their checkbooks, asking where they went wrong! This keeps the profit coming for them, the same as big pharma does by keeping the real cures and hand out placebos. If you get healed they lose money, it’s very sad that mental health and human emotion are preyed upon but it is!

The truth

Many will offer you extensive services and books in return for your healing but why do most who fall to these money pits never get healed? What they don’t teach you is, the fact that you don’t need them to seek healing within. We’re taught in western civilization that self-healing is against big pharma, so you should seek their help. But what happens when you can’t afford mental health care for most of us outcast Americans?

Especially in this time, many for the first time in their lives are experiencing depression and mental health issues from lockdowns! Learning to identify with yourself and the issue first. Can help make all the difference before seeking help from those who offer colorful, doublespeak solutions. Without out more healthy alternatives to mainstream pharma, we are prayed on by corporations and individuals who claim to provide this solace. They’ll tell you all about how you’ll become a new person if you just “let it all go”. With a heavy dose of toxic positivity just like that, they’ve got you hooked to this whole new lifestyle and false promises.

The Takeaway

They don’t tell you about how to actually surrender to and transmute your shadows. True healers will not only help you as a member of this earth but with love and true empathy. Guide you into your darkest depths and guide you through and back, money should never be the incentive to healing. Friends, strangers, loved ones, etc can help you heal. The key is to know what your healing and how to properly heal it from a place of deep self-love.

It may sound cheesy but that’s really all it takes, community with support and the drive of others there with you can do wonders! Don’t be afraid to listen or ask someone to listen, you might just get healed! Take your self-care and love into your own hands first before you consult a seminar. Believe in your truest self and the goal can be accomplished with time and ease.


A seeker of truth and kinship. Artist , Entrepreneur, Sous Chef, Healer, Empath, Philosopher, Explorer

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