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  • Josh Balerite Acol

    Josh Balerite Acol

    Artist | Poet | Writer | Soulful Encourager | Frontliner | Proud sole Mom of 4 gifted kiddos | Lover of anything that inspires! joshbaleriteacol@gmail.com

  • jenine bsharah baines

    jenine bsharah baines

    O, to be indomitable, joyous, a seeker of epiphanies, an acolyte of Beauty, a worshipper of wisdom, a beam in the Light! jeninebaines@gmail.com

  • Priyanka Srivastava

    Priyanka Srivastava

    with too many things in my head i write to sort it all till the sky is empty and there’s no poetry

  • America Zed

    America Zed

    Survivor. Optimist. Compassionate Soul. Living in a Creative World ~ POETRY ~ SELF HELP ~ MUSIC. Twtr @1AmericaZ +Website: https://www.solaceforthesensitive.com

  • Gladys Carmina

    Gladys Carmina

    Read about: Mexican culture, life lessons, travel and language learning + Money & Freelancing.

  • Melanie J.

    Melanie J.

    Writer with a deep passion to spread positivity, inspired by the flow of nature. https://www.linkedin.com/in/melanie-johnson-880b421bb/

  • Donnette Anglin

    Donnette Anglin

    Writing experiences, others are not brave enough to write. Writing to heal, to bring about change, and to make sense of life. www.lifeprocesswithd.com

  • Ruby Tandoh

    Ruby Tandoh

    Ruby is a food writer for Taste, The Guardian, ELLE, Eater and more. She is the author of Eat Up! and two recipe books, Crumb and Flavour.

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