“In a time of destruction, create something.”
Maxine Hong Kingston

Ode to Creation

Sky Father flows like winds of fire and water

An unseen blend of forces, crude essence of extended lifelines

Divine creative frequencies of push and pull

A conveyor belt to clarity entangled uncertainty

Thrust through alternate states of consciousness

Realities collide in a blend of explosive ideals

It is human to question it is Divine to observe

Constructs of cosmic knowledge pierce the veil

Light enclosed in darkness like ancient tomes

Traces of history mark the way home in stillness I return

A broken metronome in a timeless dead zone

An endless river of inspiration primes what dreams may come

Inconceivable at times so knowledge arrives to plant the seeds

Sacred seed trees of wisdom singing tunes in the keys of life

We are all the same yet different in minor variants. We spring up like nature and all her wonders from perfect creation. The vibrational songs of life are what bring us here, together in this giant bubble. We are to sing and dance to carry the waves of life toward the shores of the future!

We are Divine Love, we are Divine light, we are Divine will, we are Divine wisdom in action so be it and so it is! I am!

A little food for thought

A seeker of truth and kinship. Artist , Entrepreneur, Sous Chef, Healer, Empath, Philosopher, Explorer

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