The magical effects of Healing herbs

Today with Herbal life and numerous other dietary alternatives, many turn a cheek towards tea! From a very young age I have always loved the herbal aroma and taste’s of tea. I was always fascinated when watching movies and reading in stories of the ancient masters and sages of the world who practiced the arts of herbs/tea. Techniques and arts of teas/herbs that you find practiced in very rural areas, go undetected by most main stream American consumers. The arts of which started with the production of herbal medicines through sacred Alchemy, to derive the healing effects of these plants and herbs. Native Americans knew vastly of these plants as they declared each of them in their lands sacred. In spirit alchemy you’re taught that all things especially nature has souls. When partaking of the healing herbs you speak to them, plants love music and when you speak to them.

Through the appreciation of the herbs and process partaken you are granted the healing effects. The more you partake of these substances the more you become one with them, thus healing and immunity takes affect. It’s no secret big pharma derives it’s cures from animal and plant life alike. If the Native Americans , Ancients of the eastern regions, Africans and more knew of these remedies why wouldn’t big pharma. I’m not an advisor nor do I have a license to suggest anything. I am simply suggesting you take a look for yourself and make your own hypothesis. There are numerous Apothecary/ Herb books from many regions that may provide you with a nice assortment of information. When you watch and study stories of those who currently and have lived over 100 years old. They all have one major thing besides love in common. They all partake in the herbs and vegetables of that land.

Here in America we live in a foreign land to most of us, eating another mans diet. With hardly any nutritional value, it’s no surprise most of us stay sick and live in fear of the new Covid 19. They tell you to wear a mask and social distance but not at all how build your immunity. Wait for a vaccine and hope not t get sick. As a person who hasn’t been sick for over a year., I’m here to say there’s something in the herbs. From lemon water, ginger,mint, honey and many others that help to remove mucus from the body and provide amazing affects. Daily use of these herbs in many forms from cooking to tea, can really make a difference from increased focus to more energy. It is worth a try. If coffee, protein shakes and sugar can have effects on the body long and short term why can’t herbs!

Before you decide this is bogus try it for yourself with an opened mind and an excitement to add a new assortment of herbs to your life.You may just really enjoy it and build your immunity too. I believe in You!

A seeker of truth and kinship. Artist , Entrepreneur, Sous Chef, Healer, Empath, Philosopher, Explorer

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