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History is to be learned from not relived!

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“Development means a capacity for self-sustaining growth. It means that an economy must register advances which in turn will promote further progress. The loss of industry and skill in Africa was extremely small, if we measure it from the viewpoint of modern scientific achievements or even by the standards of England in the late eighteenth century. However, it must be borne in mind that to be held back at one stage means that it is impossible to go on to a further stage. When a person is forced to leave school after…

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
Ernest Hemingway

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Peace of Mind

An old soul before I was 3ft tall, before adulthood I was a manchild forced to grow up. A protector of my little brother, “We couldn’t tell you anything at 7years old”. A constant reminder of how children absorb too much from their environment. Cowering from the world I was a child of darkness, from the emergency room to a center for abandoned children. I was unwanted and poisoned before I was old enough to know it…

“In a time of destruction, create something.”
Maxine Hong Kingston

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Ode to Creation

Sky Father flows like winds of fire and water

An unseen blend of forces, crude essence of extended lifelines

Divine creative frequencies of push and pull

A conveyor belt to clarity entangled uncertainty

Thrust through alternate states of consciousness

Realities collide in a blend of explosive ideals

It is human to question it is Divine to observe

Constructs of cosmic knowledge pierce the veil

Light enclosed in darkness like ancient tomes

Traces of history mark the way home in stillness I return

A broken metronome in a timeless dead…

Deep shadows surrounded me

“Anger, resentment, and jealousy doesn’t change the heart of others — it only changes yours.”
Shannon Alder

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Who I thought I was

Self-hate was a best friend of mine before I really knew its name. A friend that not only accompanied me daily but also the reason why I searched outside myself to find love. I remember being a kid and hating the lighter-skinned people because in school I was told I’d grow up to be a criminal. Unlike my counterparts who were praised for having “Good Hair” or better complexion by societal standards. Many of these children were always…

Currently trending is your life

The rest isn’t history…the rest is making history.
Richie Nort

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HIS-STORY I mean History

In meditation, we come to many moments of enlightenment. Things you never saw before become so apparent. One of my latest realizations is everyday we make history. Along with Trump and Covid, we’re apart of what will be told 30–40 years from now. For me this idea makes me live more in the present and go even harder toward my goals. Why? This reminds me that every moment we live is monumental depending on how you view it. …

Nature knows the real you

One must always be aware, to notice — even though the cost of noticing is to become responsible.”
Thylias Moss

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The tunes of Life

As the winds blow across the threshold of my senses

I feel it as it is, not as I think it to be

It observes me as I observe it, like a feather in the wind I dance along

Gently coaxed to follow without question, without reason

I enjoy spirits touch, from the rocks to the lashing waves

Each expression of nature is but a game of cat and mouse

Both seamlessly unaware of…

No is a complete sentence

Let today mark a new beginning for you. Give yourself permission to say NO without feeling guilty, mean, or selfish. Anybody who gets upset or expects you to say yes all of the time clearly doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Always remember: You have a right to say no without having to explain yourself. Be at peace with your decisions.- Stephanie Lahart

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Just say No!

I have always been a person who lays down strong boundaries. Most of many start with a simple phrase “No”. The golden word when it comes to deciding what’s not good for you. Earlier in my…

Not the leader

I raise up my voice — not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. … We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.
Malala Yousafzai

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From an unrealistic standpoint, I suppose I am but a cog in the wheel. For me, since I was young and experimented with psychedelics the great spirit has always shown itself to me as a woman! I myself have always been a divine feminine! I can say becoming aware and accepting this quality has changed my life. I honestly believe that's…

On a crash course to Discovery

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West.

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Once I was meditating and I asked why did I come here. It began with me sitting on my sofa, doing my breathing work! Then…..

Life is but a journey to meet the creator like a psychedelic experience I saw me sitting down as I drifted into nothingness. All around were lights like a cosmic web, rainbow light to be exact. So beautiful and absolute yet indescribable. I ask again why?

A comet whizzes through space towards the light in which it feels drawn…

Gaining control over the uncontrollable

“Time to eliminate things that no longer evolve me.” Erykah Badu

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“Look around you. Everything changes. everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing, and changing. You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.” Dr. Steve Mataboli

I have always been a person who feels outside of the normal spectrum for most. Meaning I tend to get overwhelmed quickly especially in matters of the heart. From being a Pisces moon and Cancer Venus my emotions come supercharged. As a kid, I was always told I was weird and over sensitive. The…

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