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A seeker of truth and kinship. Artist, Lightworker, Philosopher I love to write about my own experiences infused with spirituality. Aspiring art therapist!

Cast the burden on the Divine within and go free

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Let your light guide you through the Darkness

Sitting in the park under the canopy of giant trees, a man approached by the name of Tom. He says to me, “ I’ve seen you doing Yoga and reading for about a week now, I had to let you know you’re a very compassionate brother”.

He also expressed prior to our meet he loved my sign “Free Emotional Support”, in his dreams, and at an AA meeting, he said he laughed and smiled to himself because of it. …

Expressing love should be a given

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Let love guide the Chariot

This week I gave out free emotional support with a sign that read just that. From hugs and smiles from all over Downtown Portland, sitting with some to hear their stories everyone said “We’ve never seen a sign like that”. Most of the beautiful genuine feedback I got I didn’t expect in return making it even more wonderful to hear others' truths.

I’ve been ignoring this dream and notion to do so for a couple of weeks out of fear I wouldn’t be received well. At the same time, I had been asking the…

Beauty is in the eye of the growing

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Every moment is vital on the Journey

Many wonderful folks I have had the pleasure speaking with fear the world they live in, through a lens of pain. Past experiences and a former frowned upon self are run from instead of meet head-on. Unknowingly many have stunted their possibilities through living in a prison of shame. So often I hear people say “ I don’t know why I always get dealt a bad hand”.

What they seek to avoid meets them at every corner in the outer world. The fear of returning to past states of being is the very notion that vibrationally brings them right back…

We are gifted to gift each other with love

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Uneasy is the head that wears the crown

I met a gentle brother by the name of Homer, struggling with drug addiction and on the streets. From hearing him speak I can tell he has deep love in his heart and a very kind spirit. He was married once before, but his self-esteem in his words drove him to push dear ones out of his life.

He says, “ I am always ridiculed when I make mistakes, so I expect it from everyone I encounter”. I say to him, “ The expectancy of negative outcomes is the very thing…

Fear not for the Divine is with you

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Safeguard the Youth

I meet a young man by the name of Stevo age 22 in Portland OR, who has been sleeping in parks for a week. From Columbia and adopted at a young age, he has experienced much adversity through his family and friends.

He exclaims, “I am where I am because of my inharmonious relationship with my dear ones”. Just about to finish college he has been cast out for reasons unknown to me. …

Together we find the courage and strength to push on

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You receive what you expect

Sitting in a park in Portland Oregon, a man passes and stops to share his Divine I. Politics quickly becomes the focal point of our soon to be deep discussion.

Quickly he says to start off, “Apologies for disrupting your writing here under the tree”

I say, “ I was waiting just for you” He introduces himself as Mike an elder gentlemen of 64 years. Mike proclaimed that he has been in and out of homeless almost all his life, and can’t understand the lesson he feels he suppose to…

Deep growth comes learning the lessons not avoiding them

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Give yourself a chance to learn the lessons while they’re easy

For years I gave away my light, never realizing this was the very thing separating me from my goals and self-development. Be it, I was always a person who put others before myself. Honestly, I can say it came from being a young Afro male in a patriarchal-dominated society. It has never been hard for me to empathize with the blights of others and put myself last.

Deeply rooted within, I truly felt as a man I had something to…

Life is imagined then Created

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Great Trees come from Great Seeds

I am the sentient apple who fell from the Great Tree

Like the many forms of myself from the leaves, branches, and fruits

I am the part of flawless Divine expression who wished to exist

Many of my tribe have come and gone, yet I remain

Anger, resent and envy began to accompany me under the canopy of my higher self

Yet, I do not remember who I am, my very wish of individuality fleets me

Illusion precedes as I lean against the mother's trunk, I begin to rot

The Mother suddenly asks, “Why do…

Pain is fuel to the flame once acknowledged properly

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The blame game gets old

Through and through it felt like life itself was in repeat. Now, this wasn’t something I just noticed more so one of those intuitive notions I loved to ignore. The lessons were always the same but I never understood the course. My course, of action and reaction. I guess we’re kind of taught to blame others for our foolish misguided emotionally driven idiocy called our 20’s. …

Kurt Anderson

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