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A seeker of truth and kinship. Artist , Entrepreneur, Sous Chef, Healer, Empath, Philosopher, Explorer

Life is imagined then Created

Photo by Sokmean Nou on Unsplash

Great Trees come from Great Seeds

I am the sentient apple who fell from the Great Tree

Like the many forms of myself from the leaves, branches, and fruits

I am the part of flawless Divine expression who wished to exist

Many of my tribe have come and gone, yet I remain

Anger, resent and envy began to accompany me under the canopy of my higher self

Yet, I do not remember who I am, my very wish of individuality fleets me

Illusion precedes as I lean against the mother's trunk, I begin to rot

The Mother suddenly asks, “Why do…

Pain is fuel to the flame once acknowledged properly

Photo by Andrew Amistad on Unsplash

The blame game gets old

Through and through it felt like life itself was in repeat. Now, this wasn’t something I just noticed more so one of those intuitive notions I loved to ignore. The lessons were always the same but I never understood the course. My course, of action and reaction. I guess we’re kind of taught to blame others for our foolish misguided emotionally driven idiocy called our 20’s. …

Sometimes being a Hermit is the best option to regain control of the mind

Give yourself a hug…..Photo by De’Andre Bush on Unsplash

I’d rather be me than a Drifter

Being a totally extroverted seeming individual on the outside with extremely introverted qualities is quite the balancing act. Even worse is trying to explain to your friends and family you need time alone; like a lot of time. It’s one of those hurdles I’d rather run around every time. From being overwhelmed by the barrage of opinions of the world to folks just not understanding the creative process.

I have learned allowing myself adequate time alone is essential not only creatively but for my mental health…

The Divine Orchestra conducting your habitual actions

Any impulse of thought that the mind repeats over and over through habit forms an organized rhythmRhythm is the last stage of habit — Napoleon Hill

Photo by Naomi August on Unsplash

Rhythm of Life

Nature always has a way of helping its divine creations along their appointed path. Through repetition, many things we do in life can feel effortless. This is a blessing and a curse for you can either control yourself or be controlled. I don’t believe anyone can fully escape the influence of others so long as there are people in the world. …

Closed mouths don’t get fed

Asking for help with shame says:
You have the power over me.
Asking with condescension says:
I have the power over you.
But asking for help with gratitude says:
We have the power to help each other. — Amanada Palmer

Photos by me and mashed with Photoshop. Art and the wonders of Life have always been my drive to keep going!

Pieces that defined ME

The first seven years of my life were spent in isolation due to behavioral issues. As a child I saw and felt things I couldn’t understand or explain. One of those things was my emotions! Felt so deeply like a rush of excitement when you smelled grandmas pancakes in the morning. I didn’t speak for…

I found you in Forest

Momma Stacy

Find me in the Forest

It's funny how the more you sit and stare off at nature you realize how much is just happening. So many beings of life in coexistence, each doing their share for one another without ever speaking the same language. The language universally spoken is a vibrational expression of giving and receiving. Compassion, gratitude, and love are qualities we commonly see as only a human can possess, but I feel that all life share this same insight with us. As we believe they cannot comprehend us maybe it is us who misinterprets them.

Nature in its…

Tao Of Awakening

“We are consciousness examining and expressing itself so that it can become increasingly aware of its infinite capacity for being and evolving.”
Jay Woodman

Photo by Amanda Flavell on Unsplash

Often we all may think up very insightful things but fail to share them out of fear others won’t receive them well. I say if you can share most of your thoughts you shouldn’t have too much fear sharing them all, you never know who needed to hear or read your perspective. I hope you find something in these random thoughts of mine! …

Finding Peace

“You are not alone in the struggles of life. The entire cosmos is with you. It evolves through the way you face and overcome the challenges of life. Use everything to your advantage.”
Amit Ray

Photo by nic on Unsplash

Life so Far

Through constant reflection and genuinely doing what some may call shadow work and enjoying it, I’ve gained back my true self. Gifted with my armor and wings reinstated of creativity I have like many been given my vision back. Months ago as I started to crack open my pandora's box and my path has never been the same. Prior to today, I…

We are more than we allow ourselves to be.

Photo by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash

I, like nature, need no reason to grow I just do

If it wasn’t for following my heart and its best messenger intuition. I would have never dared to trek the almost unknown road that had been chosen generations before. From my studies of philosophies of many past, I find myself in every man. Every bit of struggle and contention of the bruised, confused, misguided egoic self of each individual forced to create from nothing; better put “survive in style”

To persist despite the odds is creation itself, creativity is crafting a way out and back, then building an entire ecosystem from…

The Humming bird song

“I believe in signs….what we need to learn is always there before us, we just have to look around us with respect & attention to discover where God is leading us and which step we should take. When we are on the right path, we follow the signs, and if we occasionally stumble, the Divine comes to our aid, preventing us from making mistakes.”
Paulo Coelho

Rufous Hummingbird photo by me

Don’t ignore the signs

For a couple of months now as I have been coming upon this grand time in my spiritual evolution. I have seen many signs and have had many deeply…

Kurt Anderson

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